Santa Ynez, California

Awards & Publications


  • Alaska and California Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  • Duck Stamps:  AK(3), VT(5), DE(2), CT, IN, and OK  
  • Ducks Unlimited International Artist
  • CA, AK, MI, and KS Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist  
  • Oregon Game Bird Stamps: (2)
  • Federal Duck Stamp National Tour
  • 1994, 1997 Alaska Duck Stamps, both of which were selected as The Best Duck Stamp Design in the Nation for their respective years
  • Foundation For North American Wild Sheep Artist of the Year
  • Award winning artist at the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show
  • Birds In Art Exhibition
  • Society Of Animal Artists National Tour;  Leonard Meiselman Memorial Award;    Award of Excellence  


  • The Best of Wildlife Art II”    
  • “Wildlife Art Magazine”   
  • “The Alaska Professional Hunter”
  • “Inside Santa Ynez Valley”                      




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